Alpine Style

Wild ideas, unexplored routes, unchartered summits.

Consulting for upcoming innovators, startups and corporate venture builders.

Creative event management

  • B2B payment masterclass

  • Innovation and turnaround workshops

  • Off-the-grid seminars

  • Corporate hackathons

Ambassador solutions

  • Startup representation

  • Business development

  • Partnerships

  • Fundraising and decentralized financing

  • Turnaround & impact

Strategy advisory services

  • Resource utilisation

  • Innovation and turnaround strategy

  • B2B payment strategy

  • Venture building

  • Due diligence and valuation

Alpine Style perspectives

Alpine Style is led by Christophe Spoerry, a senior advisor who uses his atypical experience and a unique approach to help customers explore wild ideas and uncover unthought routes, for greater impact.



Christophe spent 20+ years absorbing knowledge and acquiring experience spanning all kinds of technologies and payment business models, venture building with corporates, innovative product development in regulated industries, multi-sided partnership negotiations and joint-venture creation, paradigm-shifting events design and management, as well as conscious innovation strategy advisory.



Alpine Style refers to mountaineering in a light-weight, self-sufficient and fast manner, as opposed to himalayan style, which typically involves costly expeditions with large teams of Sherpas, setting up fixed ropes along the climb, and supplying alpinists with heavy oxygen bottles.Alpine Style consulting style delivers high impact, with small, highly motivated teams of experts and builders.


Areas of interest

At Alpine Style, we strive to build a better future, leveraging advanced technologies and conscious business models.What sets us apart is our unique expertise in resource utilisation, our understanding of tech trends and an unparalleled creativity.We offer extensive insights into payment and travel tech, B2B financial services and decentralised organisations.

Our event offerings: masterclasses, workshops & executive seminars

Creative sparring partner

Hands in hands with executive teams and innovators, we design and operate events in the areas of knowledge management, networking and strategic alignment.

Off-the-shelf events

2 100 € / day

Our catalogue of events caters a wide range of needs: B2B payment masterclass, innovation workshops, off-the-grid strategy seminars, etc.

Creative strategies

Price on request

We ❤️ to start from a black page and to design custom seminars and events for greater impact: corporate hackathons, turnaround retreats, etc.

Our solutions: startup representation & innovation business development

Fractional ambassador

We advise and represent early-stage technology startups and upcoming innovators: they get access to our expertise, insights and network, for a monthly subscription. We act as an ambassador for multiple non-competing ventures, which catalyses network effects and ecosystem synergies.

Exploration plan

1 800 € / month

Ideal for innovators looking for a critical eye on their product & technology strategy, executive coaching and turnaround / impact guidance.

Growth plan

900€ / month + 5%

Ideal for startups with fundraising ambitions, strategic partnership and business development objectives beyond their current reach.

Our custom services: innovation strategy & venture building

Corporate strategy advisor

Leveraging a deep understanding of technology and business model trends, we provide creative thinking to help enterprise organisations maximise the utilisation of their resources and their long-term growth potential.

Venture building

3 000 € / day

We work hand-in-hand with corporate leaders to identify their legacy assets to be leveraged as foundations for new strategic lines of business, and provide end-to-end advisory to set up corporate venture builders and create sustainable growth engines for the future.

Due diligence

Price on request

We provide a strategic insight into the valuation of a corporate line of business and its levers of growth, leveraging the best analysis methods developed by venture capital investors. We advise corporate leaders on their resource utilisation, reposition or turnaround.

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